Unfair Mario

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Game Infomation

Unfair Mario is a rather interesting remake of the original Super Mario game. As with the actual Super Mario Bros game, the goal is to get to the flag at the end of the course.

Why it is called unfair?

There are ten levels in the game, you may think that passing ten levels is very simple and easy to accomplish, but you will find out pretty soon that it is quite difficult. You see there are a lot of hidden obstacles in the game that will make you really mad.  For example, you see safe ground where you can walk, but as soon as you step on it ground falls under your feet and you are dying, or you want to jump on some object, but as soon as you land on it, it falls down and you are dead again, sometimes bricks can fall on your head as well if you will walk underneath it. Even though, that there are only 8 levels in the Unfair Mario, most of the people can hardly ever pass the first level. The best advice how to succeed in this game is try as many times as you can and remember all the obstacles that can kill you.

How to play

The little Mario is controlled using the keyboards, the front, right and left arrows, the space bar button. The game is so difficult, that the developers placed several checkpoints in each level, so if you manage to reach them, you won’t have to start the whole level from the beginning when you die. Let’ be attentive and careful when you play this game.

Note: This game can’t be played slowly. If you try to play it slowly, you can’t. Sometimes to avoid some traps you have to play with more activeness.

Unfair Mario Gameplay

You have to jump on them and this is why you have to be attentive when it comes to overcoming these passes. The game is a flash and retro style and it is formatted using the 2D and this means that you are only allowed to work on the left or right direction but you do not have to worry since the graphics are too amazing. You are going to listen to the nice music that will be played in the background mode and you can overcome the tasks.  The only option you have is to relax and to enjoy each step of the game.

Features of Unfair Mario

In case you liked Mario game before, you are going to enjoy the new game since it does not have the monsters or the plumbers and everything is supposed to be easy. The game is like walking in a park and by going by this name, it is the game which has been designed in the way that a person should get worked up tour de france en direct.

The game has been designed under Mario Bros while the main character in the game is Mario himself.  The main goal to achieve in the game is avoiding of the booby traps that have been designed to kill the player. There are many places where people can find the hidden traps and in the course, the player may not be aware of what he has to expect.

In the game, the player has to avoid obstacles, hidden spikes and falling stones and it is hard to predict what it is going to take place in the game. The game has been designed to force the players to quit.

=> Unfair Mario is really awesome free online game where you can test your memory, it is okay to make mistake once, but learn your lesson from it and do your best to avoid failure next time and you will reach finish line soon enough.

Good luck and remember nothing is as it seems!