Best Practices in Office Technology Supply

When it comes to all of the basic, and then also the more advanced features concerning office technology supply, it is paramount that what is supplied is of the highest value and that services rendered are immaculate and accompanied by the highest standards of integrity.

Ardri Investments, trading as Comrite in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa is a definitive leader when it comes to service excellence in the Office Technology Supply field.

This business, started by Antoinette (Toekie) Kloppers in 2003, prides itself on intensely personal customer service accompanied by the assurance that if any product is not carried by them, they will find it for you… This is a rare thing…

Toekie and her husband, Anton, are known in business and social circles throughout South Africa and are most readily described as straight-forward, honest and friendly. This is the way in which they conduct business and it is also the way in which they train and mentor their staff.

When taking a closer look at the physical aspect of their trading world, one can’t help but notice the encompassing nature of their product. Ranging in size and usefulness from the common post-it note, to small and medium-sized home and business networks, one stands amazed at the sheer pleasure of finding such flexibility in a provider.

When you walk into any of their shops, it goes without saying that you will find friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff who will assist you in any and all of your needs to a very high standard.

In this day and age it is absolutely essential to be flexible in business and business relationships. By taking this into account, one can see that the circumspect nature of an establishment that provides a wide range of product and services under one flag makes absolute sense as an effective business model. One can therefore surmise that Ardri Investments, as a trendsetter in its field, is and will in future, be a trendsetter in the area of Office Technology Supply in general.

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