Bluetooth Technology – Advantages of Bluetooth

In this modern world there is more and more need to connect different devices together, it is with this in mind that Bluetooth technology was developed. The use of Bluetooth has removed a lot of the wires associated with connecting devices to one another, e.g. computers can communicate with printers, camera’s, head phones and microphones to name but a few without the need to have loads of wires all over the place. This is just the first of the advantages of bluetooth there are many more and I would like to mention some here.

One of the biggest bonuses is that in mobile computing you now do not need to carry with you lots of connecting wires making it easier to set up your laptop and associated devices reasonable quickly. Setting up connectivity is made easy for you and does not require any specialist’s knowledge.

Bluetooth technology is worldwide and has the same specification throughout most countries and devices using this technology are readable available. As this popular mode of commutation carries on then you will see a vast range of equipment integrating this technology which can only be good for all of us. Various versions of the technology have already been released but all newer versions are backward compatible.

One of the good things with this technology comes with the popularity of the mobile phone and the increase in usage of this device no matter what you doing. Driving comes to mind, instead of using the phone in your hand it is now possible to use your phone via a Bluetooth headset and also integrating the device into the car radio system, which uses the radio’s display to provide you with incoming call information and also display your phone book to locate your next contact and then connect you, some vehicles are now using Bluetooth technology to allow voice activation of various controls.

I would like to mention here another form of wireless connection and that is Infrared technology however the biggest disadvantage that this has is that all devices need to be in line of sight of each other. Bluetooth devices do not suffer from this problem they will still communicate with each other even though there is no direct sight with the device they want to connect to. Other advantages of Bluetooth is the small amount of power they consume, it also avoids interference from other wireless devices therefore one device will not interfere with another.

Most communication technology has to deal with the security issue in this modern world, with Bluetooth technology because they work over a relative short range typically 30 feet the issue is not a massive problem and the equipment required to hack into them is quite expensive. The “pairing process” used in connecting two devices together is basically a security measure once the devices recognise each other by knowing each other’s profile and the pin used to connect each other the security is enhanced. Manufacturers are very aware of the security problem facing users and actively working to make the devices more and more secure.

By alpha