Boomers the Directors of Change in the Computer Information Age

In the closing years of the Second World War a new era was beginning. Battalions of soldiers returning home with youthful vigor and strained hearts came home to rebuild their countries that they had protected from tyranny, racism, supremacists and violence. They fathered children to rebuild a new world, one family at a time. Boomers are the hope of those soldiers and the women who had supported them in time, labour and sweat in the home front war effort.

Boomers are the children of hope for a new world of growth, prosperity and peace. Our world has not particularly had a lot of peace in the last fifty years but has grown and prospered. Boomers have changed the world in many ways like every generation before us but the mere number of us is overwhelming. We have changed the world and will continue to do so.

Boomers are the creators of the Information age. Our children are the inheritors of it and are pushing it forward in unprecedented ways. Boomers have the choice to either ride the wave or be drowned in the surge. We can choose and enjoy the ride and continue to make the changes which our parents hoped for us. Much good can come to the world as we use the tools the computer age has to communicate, investigate and prosper.

We are a huge group still in the demographics of politics, decision makers and markets. We can make a difference by just being willing to use the technologic tools we have in our homes and not be fearful of them. I don’t want to talk about politics but I want to look at the marketplace and those so inclined can extrapolate the concepts to whatever endeavor the wish.

My wife has discovered that we can effect market decisions and benefit by just sending emails to companies. She has found faulty food products and notified companies of the faults and in gratitude sent coupons for compensation. She has inquired concerning the availability of products and those concerns will be considered with franchise owners concerns with the development of new products in the stores. Marketers have learned that one letter or email received is reflective of many similar concerns never expressed.

Boomers by expressing their opinions can continue to change the world, hopefully into the world our parents worked so hard to protect by their labours and battles. We can enjoy prosperity by using the computer information age to our advantage if we choose or hide away from it. Choose for yourself but I want to make the system we created for our good work for me and I hope you join me for the ride.

By alpha