Computers and Their Benefits

Computers help people in performing a number of tasks quickly and efficiently. They also help in achieving precision and accuracy in transactions and activities. Computers have been evolving in terms of size and functionality over the years. There are several computer manufacturers in the market.

Computers are divided into microcomputers and main computers based on their processing power. Based on operations, computers are categorized into analog, digital and hybrid computers. The new generation devices are classified as personal computers. Desktop personal computers are one of the widely used devices. They are meant to be utilized in a single place. They consist of different hardware that makes portability less possible.

Laptops can be called mini desktops. They are similar in functions to the desktops and are made for use while moving from one place to another. Netbooks are the types of laptops that are smaller than an average laptop. They are inexpensive when compared to notebook laptops. Palmtop also called PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) are smaller than netbooks and belong to the category of hand – held devices. Then there are minicomputers that fall between the categories of microcomputers and mainframes.

Wearable computers are types of computers that are used in the study of human health and behavior modeling. Supercomputers are those that are superior in carrying out calculations. The new more popular types of computers are the tablets. They are mobile devices that make use of touch screen technology and eliminate the need for any type of external hardware systems.

The purpose of having a computer has changed with time. Initially during the time of its invention, the only place that used a computer are organizations. They used it to keep track of their transactions. Using a computer for personal and recreational purposes came in much later.

Computers these days have become more of a necessity, the reason being easy availability and affordability. The dependency of the humans on the World Wide Web has also increased so widely that every person is forced to own a palmtop, laptop, or a desktop.

The technology has also seen a rapid improvement. The computer got more compact with time and the software’s, more developed. It got more user – friendly that helped children be able to work on it as well. Children use the computers for interactive learning that improves their memory power. They use the computer for recreational purposes like playing games as well.

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