Disconnected – Life OFFline

It’s always been an someone whose work is almost completely online, I sure am not very mobile online. Why? If you are freelancer, you would know where this is heading. Who wants to take their work everywhere with them, raise your hand?

But we live in an internet age, how do we actually disassociate ourselves with our online world, in this case? Here are some ideas on how to LIVE without having to post a status update on Facebook, Tweet, comment on someone’s post or ‘like’ anything.


It looks good but could it be true?

Ever been on Facebook checking out your friends’ statuses, new photos and links only to find yourself absolutely green with envy? Why wasn’t it YOU who just got married to the handsomest, wealthiest, most loving man in the world? Why wasn’t it YOU who took that awesome vacation to somewhere exotic? Why wasn’t it YOU who just won the jackpot?

If ever you are in a discussion with that very same person face-to-face, you would know that there is more to it than what you see on Facebook. We are all inclined to post up our best online. Who would want to post something about a botched dinner? No one, really, unless that person is an abysmal person looking for sympathy.

We post our best remember that so that you don’t end up wallowing in self pity and feel unworthy, useless and totally ugly.

Face to face interaction is still crucial

Despite the overall amazing-ness of everything online, there remains to be an intense need for us to associate with other human to face. Human beings who are too reliant on online communication may end up feeling depressed about their non-lives. There will come a time that they discover that they no longer know how to express themselves with another person face-to-face. Which is a pity.

Don’t load everything up on your mobile phone

Sure, it is very convenient to bring the internet with you on your phone you WANT TO? If you do, you have to be ready for your boss to find you everywhere you go. You may have to deal with writing reports on your cell phone too. Not much fun. The same goes for messaging systems. If you have your boss on Skype, don’t load Skype. Use a secondary phone number and load a WhatsApp application to communicate with your friends and give the number out to only people you want to connect with.

Live in the real world

Draw a line between your online world and your offline one. As important as the internet is for all of us (me included), we are not cyber beings. We are human beings and human beings need to live in the real world.

By alpha