Recently, I had to rent a dumpster for the first time in my life. The story begins with a sale of repossessed property that I attended. After acquiring a derelict old farm for a reasonably cheap price, I set about cleaning out the debris and structures left by the previous owners.

Let me tell you, these people were pigs. This old farm wasn’t just suffering from years of neglect…it looked more like decades. Most of the sheds and barns were made from rough-hewn timber and had rotted and collapsed. In some places, the previous owners had dug huge pits in which to dispose of all kinds of refuse. Whatever wouldn’t burn was simply left where it was. And don’t even get me started on the old farmhouse. With all the water damage, it wasn’t too far from collapsing as well. The rat infestation had only worsened the decay.

All this stuff had to go. I found a few nice antiques in the rubble of the collapsed barns, but most of this stuff was simply trash. That’s when I realized that I had never disposed of so much trash at one time in my entire life, and that therefore I couldn’t just put it in cans and leave it on the curb for the garbage men.

While a lot of the old rotted wood could simply be burned, there was so much of it that it would have taken a very long time to dispose of it all in this way. That didn’t work for me, as I wanted it out of the way quickly.

This is a situation in which many of us might find it very easy to pay too much. After all, most of us don’t need to rent a dumpster on a regular basis. Confusion about rates and services becomes a lot more likely for the inexperienced. The only way to remedy this is with a little bit of research. I wish I could help you out and do the research for you, but this is a question in which the answer is different for every locality.

For dumpster rental Chicago, you are not at all short of options. As with any large city, Chicago provides plenty of companies to choose from. All I can say is to call around and compare prices, and to think about which company seems like the easiest to deal with. Low cost and no hassle are the goals here.

Most of these companies do not give specific price lists, preferring instead to tailor their prices to each client’s needs. This is something that can make it hard to compare prices. For instance, let’s say you live in Boston.

I chose this example because they have a price list. Basically, you are looking at about 400 dollars unless you need something extremely large. So, take that as your baseline when calling other companies for comparison. Doing it this way may take a little longer, but your wallet will thank you.

By alpha