Easily Organize Your Company With Document Management

Electronic Document Management is an easy way to get your company’s documents organized. In this new age of technology why manually organize important files and folders? Not only does it waste paper and take up time but also puts important documents at risk to accidentally disappear.

Manual document management is also expensive. Unfortunately, the costs associated generally go unnoticed by maximum companies.

Some factors of document management that may not be considered; but are valid costs to companies are:

Wasted time and effort during the retrieval process. Studies show that about 17% of energy from workers is wasted trying to locate files and/or documents.

Paper and ink costs that are attributed to recreating multiple copies of documents for backup or simply because the original could not be located and it was easier to just print another.

Productivity levels are affected when the documents are not kept in a centralized database. Workflow is interrupted when the employee must travel to retrieve documents where they may run into unavoidable distractions and frustration if they cannot quickly retrieve the document.

Without an effective document management system, companies are unknowingly exposing themselves to security risks. Confidential documents are left out there for anyone to see. There is no paper trail, so it is virtually impossible to track down the culprit if a security breach occurs. This makes a company vulnerable to audit and legal disputes.

To avoid security risks and cut costs; companies are incorporating electronic document management systems into their printers/copiers or MFPs. This allows important documents to be encoded, thus protecting their safety. Electronic document management also tracks the life of a document from start to finish which provides many conveniences when it comes to controlling visibility access or simply checking on the status of a document.

Electronic Document Management is a great way to improve a process. By centralizing and organizing your documents through the latest technologies, you will reduce costs spent on lowered productivity, paper and toner costs as well as improve workflow and process efficiencies. There are various electronic document management software available depending on your current print device and company needs.

By alpha