How Do You Know If Your Wife is Cheating?

With all the technology today cheating is right at our finger tips, from text messaging to instant messaging and email. We are inundated with ways to communicate and ways to cheat on our spouse. So how do you know if your wife is cheating on you? You can ask, or you can spy.

If your wife is cheating on you, I’m sure there will be a trail of bread crumbs that she leaves behind. There are many ways to cheat but there is just as many ways to spy and find out just what she is up to. You could easily pick up the phone and call your cell phone carrier and request her phone records, or you could get a little more devious.

You could hire someone to follow her and let you know what pay phone she uses to contact her friend, or you could take it one step further. If you notice her history on her computer is deleted each day and it is password protected or she very cautious when she is on the computer, you might consider getting some sort of key logger software.

If your wife is using technology to cheat, and you can’t catch her, just install any key logger software and let the fish swim into the net. It’s that easy, this is the #1 way more than half of cheaters get caught. You simply install the software one night when she goes out for drinks with the girls at work and the next day you can see what keystrokes she used and check emails she sent or what chat rooms she was in, who knows, maybe you’ll see what type of porn she looks at. You just never know.

With key logger software, you get answers, it’s the simplest and fastest way to know for sure if your wife is really cheating on you or if it’s your imagination. If you’re sick and tired of leaving the house each day not knowing if your wife is going to cheat on you, having the right tools can help take the stress off your shoulders so you can say goodbye to guesswork that leads to uncertainty.

There are other gadgets on the market for doing some private investigation work, but most people who are cheating are doing it from the comfort of their own home. If you have any doubt your wife is cheating on you, listen to the little voice in your head. Our subconscious mind picks up the vibes way before your conscious mind does. It doesn’t hurt to get definitive answers to your cheating dilemma. If you’re wrong, no harm done, and good for you. Now you can sleep at night knowing the truth.

By alpha