Have you decided that it’s time for you to get a new car? Would you like to upgrade and enjoy better rides? That’s perfect. Rare are the feelings so good like the ones when you buy yourself a car. When it comes to choices, there is a plethora of them. You can look for used cars or new cars, the selection is great because there are countless dealerships and it seems like this business is still booming. However, people oftentimes end up with bad cars bought for an unreasonable price. That is something you clearly don’t want to happen to you, right? If so, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you select the right dealership.

Sales approach

It is common knowledge that dealerships try to upsell clients. It is a way to make extra money and thus earn profits for the dealership. But if you visit a dealership that attracted your attention with one price but when you show up they either don’t have the vehicle available or they have another price for it, know that you should leave right away. This is a major red flag. Various dealerships list cars for sale that are long gone just because of their low price. That’s what you need to watch out for. If you notice it, leave, do not allow yourself to get tricked.


You can tell a lot about a dealership by their advertising tactics. The concept is similar to the one above about sales. When you see prices and offers that are way too good to be true, you should know that something is not right. Watch out for unrealistic pricing or the so-called incentives that you almost always can’t qualify for. These are the signals that something shady is going. And remember, the louder a dealer yells at you, the more you should avoid that dealership.


This is the 21st century and technology was never as available to people as it is now. So, turn that onto your advantage. Go online and do some research. Always ‘investigate’ dealerships and companies before actually heading in with the cash. For example, there are legitimately good folks such as Sandown Group. If you’d like to buy a Mercedes-Benz and you reach out to them for some help, you can rest assured that you won’t get tricked. For example, their Mercedes-Benz of Dorchester dealership is well known for their great customer service and quality vehicles. When people see that, they go online and say good things about the dealership. So, get on your computer and do your homework. Pay attention to what people are saying.

Looks matter

As soon as you get to the dealership, take a moment to look thoroughly at the place. How does it look like? Is it clean? Are the cars displayed there clean? Arrive some time earlier to see how long it takes to get a service appointment. Check out the service facility. Also, inquire whether dealership customers get preference. Service facilities and the overall look of the dealership are important, especially if you’re looking to buy an extended warranty policy.

Customer care

Always ask everything you can about the car you’re planning on buying. The dealer or the sales representative has to be patient and polite. If you realize that the person you’re supposed to buy your new car from is trying to trick you or doesn’t even pay attention, it’s time to go. The general manager of the place, at least, has to be there for your needs. There are bad salespersons, but if you see that everyone you stumble upon there is impolite and impatient, it’s time to go. Even if you strike a good deal, rest assured that they won’t be there if something goes wrong with the car or you simply need to have it serviced once in a while.


Be careful, pay attention to each detail. Once you’ve bought your new car, there is no turning back. Once the cash is out of your bank account, chances are low that some shady dealership will allow you to get it back and return the car. That’s why you need to pay attention and find a reliable dealer.

By alpha