Hyper-V – An Ideal Choice to Get a Dedicated OS For a VPS

There has been an increasing demand for newer technologies in the web hosting industry. As most people might be aware, VPS’s have been a more preferred choice among users compared to other web hosting solutions. Hence, more advanced technologies have been introduced in this segment. Microsoft’s Hyper V technology has been the latest addition to the segment of VPS solutions.

Microsoft’s Hyper V which was code named as Viridian is actually a hypervisor based virtualisation system. It is basically a Windows Server Virtualisation tool that was also known as Windows Server Virtualisation previously. This virtualisation system is basically for x64 systems. This has been an effective tool for server virtualisation for many businesses, but it has proven to be more useful in the web hosting industry. The administration or configuration of the Windows Server is possible on a remote Windows server or desktop by redirecting Microsoft Management Console or MMC to the Core Server. This enables easy point and click configuration.

The Hyper V virtualization platform enables multiple individual operating systems to run within isolated environments on a single physical server. Hyper V offers the users with a best platform for key virtualization scenario namely production server consolidation, business continuity model, software development and testing etc. This virtualization technology has gained reputation for offering superior performance along with stability much similar to a dedicated server. Hence there can be seen an increasing demand for VPS created using the Hyper V technology. Every individual VPS is isolated and operates similarly like the dedicated server. Dedicated resources are allocated to a Hyper V virtualized VPS. It is enabled with its own dedicated RAM, disk space and bandwidth,hence offering high level of stability to the users. Features of Windows Server 2008 which includes IIS7 and SQL Server 2008 can be very well used with a Hyper V VPS.

Few core features of Hyper V VPS web hosting are stated below:

Perfect for Development and testing environments

Complete control over the server administrator level access

Capability to host multiple websites

Ability to run custom database driven applications

Private IP addresses

Windows Server 2008 virtual platforms

Guaranteed Server resources

Ease of scalability

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