Hyperfuse Nike Shoes For Basketball

I have been hyped up for 2 years now. That is a long time to have adrenaline flowing through your body. Each and every time I try to relax, a Nike Hyperfuse basketball shoe finds it’s way onto my feet. And I get hyped up again. That’s alright, this is a good thing. The Hyperfuse line of shoes that Nike rolled out a couple of years ago continues to gain momentum. There are more models of the Hyperfuse series than ever. This is a runaway train people. The Nike Hyperfuse technology has even made it’s way into the world of Air Jordans. It has also infiltrated the Lebron James and Kobe Bryant signature sneaker lines. Even running and training shoes have felt the wrath of Hyperfuse. It is everywhere!

So, what is this Hyperfuse technology that seems to have everybody hyped up? This technology is a composite, or blend, of three materials (synthetic material as a supportive base layer, mesh for lightweight breathability, and TPU film as a top skin) pressed together with hotmelt. This fusion creates an unbelievably strong bond that uses these three different layers of materials. In addition, a new and unique aesthetic is created and used on a basketball shoe’s upper. This construction process allows for a variety of benefits. Lightweight and breathability are two components that the Hyperfuse technology has created to be used on a basketball shoe. Specifically, high heat areas in the middle sections of a athlete’s foot can be relieved by the Hyperfuse mesh that creates airflow. This allows for breathability and a lightweight feel. There is no shoe on the market that has the “breathability” that a Nike Hyperfuse basketball shoe has.

Who is responsible for such innovation and creative design? That would be Nike designers Shane Kohatsu and Fred Dojan. These two mad scientists actually came up with the idea for Hyperfuse technology on a trip to China. In watching Chinese basketball players, who primarily play outside, Kohatsu and Dojan wanted to create a composite shoe that was durable enough for outside play. But, also, a durable composite that provided for the high performance, traction, and breathabiltiy that were needed for indoor play. This composite would be a combination of three elements which were skin, base, and mesh. Mesh would be the primary component of the shoe and provide for a lightweight, form fitting shoe that allowed maximum breathability. The skin and base materials along with the mesh were all combined to create stability and support in the ankle and heel areas where it is needed the most. In the end, these two geniuses have revolutioned Nike shoes for basketball.

Nike Hyperfuse’s, Hyperdunk’s, and Hyperballer’s are all some of the shoes that use this new and innovative technology. This list would certainly be much longer if you included Air Jordans, signature sneaker lines, and other Nike athletic shoes. It is everywhere! No wonder I feel myself starting to get hyped up again.

By alpha