Interactive Video Will Grow to Dominate Video Marketing Efforts

The web is all about interconnectedness and interactivity. Think about it this way. The web is held together with hypertext links. Hypertext links are a bit like the skeletal system of the internet.

Now, we have hyper video links that will soon be the new glue that holds the web together. Hyper video links are links that go inside a video file and can be clicked on by the viewer. Hyper video links can transport the viewer anywhere that a text link can.

This allows the video content creator to essentially create a video that functions more like an entire webpage. Plus, it is a subtle way of inserting links to additional information or sales page links right into a video where no viewer can miss them. The subtle nature of a hyper video link, which can be made to look like any type or size of image and sits on top of your video, does not intrude on the viewing experience like a pre-roll video or other form of standard video commercial. Using hypervideo links helps the viewer feel like the are in control. Any smart marketer knows that the new generation of consumer demands to have some control because people are sick of being force fed advertisements.

Online video gives more power and control to the video viewer and as marketing efforts using video online evolve, they must take into account the culture of the new consumer. If you study marketing demographics, it is clear that younger people who grew up with the internet and hundreds of available TV channels expect to have choice and control. They are more willing participants this way so ultimately, if you cater to their demands you will be more successful. Using interactivity in your online video marketing efforts gives you the subtle yet powerful ability to communicate your message in a 21st century, consumer-friendly way.

By alpha