Are you contemplating switching from a prepaid phone connection to a postpaid one? Read this article first to make an informed decision.

Months or years ago when you first bought a mobile phone, you probably bought a prepaid SIM card with low talktime and extremely limited validity. You reasoned that you would first get used to it before you bought a more expensive pack or shifted to a postpaid connection.

But now you are contemplating buying a postpaid plan – everybody keeps saying postpaid is better! Though there is no reason to believe that postpaid is better than prepaid, do ask yourself these questions if you are contemplating buying a postpaid plan:

* How much data do I realistically need? Most of us misjudge the amount of data that we require. If you examine the data usage on your phone and the operator’s schedule, you will realise that normal surfing hardly expends any MBs from your plan. The maximum data consumption takes place when you download videos, or entire seasons of your favourite shows from Netflix, or use social networking sites all the time. If you are a user that does these things, then yes, you require about 1.5 GB to 3 GB data per day, depending on frequency of use. In this case, do buy a postpaid plan that offers unlimited data per month. But if your usage is below 1.5 GB per day, then you can use a prepaid plan that offers that much daily data.

* Am I okay recharging my prepaid pack or do I want a monthly bill? The recharge and billing are probably the only points of difference between the best prepaid and postpaid plans today. As you know, the prepaid plan must be recharged every time the pack validity runs out, while the postpaid plan has a monthly bill generated at the end of the usage cycle. A big advantage you get when you buy a postpaid plan is that even if you exceed your data allowance, the plan goes on unabated. You can choose Airtel’s unlimited postpaid plan so that your data never runs out. Plus, you are saved the hassle of recharging the connection.

* Are there add-on benefits on the postpaid plan? Leading providers like Airtel have sweetened the deal for postpaid customers not just with unlimited Internet, but also with useful add-ons. For instance, you can get one year’s free Amazon Prime subscription on buying a postpaid plan from Airtel and 3 months of Neftlix free on all plans except the Rs 399 one. Plus, there is free access to Zee shows and films, Airtel TV, additional free connections and handset repair protection. This bouquet of benefits is not offered by other providers when you buy postpaid plans from them.

By alpha