Is the LG Optimus Worth Buying?

If you want to expand into the world of smartphones but do not want to get bogged down by all of the complex features that can tend to overwhelm you, look no further than the LG Optimus. Its design is very simple but attractive, allowing you a greater color palette than the standard black of most phones. In addition to that, you can benefit from Bluetooth 2.1 capability, GPS, 32 gigabytes of microSD hard drive memory, and much more. You can carry your media with you at all times with its comprehensive multimedia features. With the media player integrated into the system, you are able to easily watch Xvid and DivX videos, and the 3D thumbnail gallery allows for quick access and navigation. The 3 megapixel camera lets you geo tag and face tag automatically as you take your pictures, and you can share the pictures straight form your phone to the Internet. With the LG Optimus, you can even storyboard out and edit your videos on the phone itself. You will find it extremely convenient to use the operating system on the LG Optimus as you can create up to seven home screens, all with unique applications including weather and news, as well as games – it is up to your imagination. You can even categorize your main menus to give you easier streamlining of content.

The Google Internet package that the LG Optimus provides is absolutely ideal, allowing you to sync your Google account to it and match up your contacts, Google Talk, Gmail, Google Maps, and even YouTube. There are tens of thousands of apps you can download from the Android Market, so much that you will never be bored or without something that will help you with whatever you need. With the LG Optimus, you can benefit from the myriad Android applications out there, as well as the ability to automatically sync your email accounts to the phone. You can even use the social networking capability of the LG Optimus to catch up to your friends and update your statuses. With the Social Networking Client included with the LG Optimus, your Bebo, Twitter and Facebook are never more than a click away. They are all automatically synchronized and updated with all of your friends’ status updates, thanks to the SNS widgets you can get through the Android Market. You can make it your one stop shop for all your social networking needs, and you can multitask that with other applications.

By alpha