Laptops and iPad Technology May Phase Out Desktops

Today, technology has become a little more user friendly and suitable for the mobility of our time, as many people on the move. Everywhere you go you see people using their cell phones, iPhone, laptops and net books. With this portability, many begin to wonder if the desktop is becoming obsolete.

A key factor that we have very thought in writing this article is to improve the functionality of a laptop, and unfortunately, the differences in this area between a laptop and desktop have different abilities. The laptops are designed for portability, not necessarily friendly, therefore you will usually not be able to upgrade hardware easily, and many programs do not work with the specifications for a laptop while the desktop is not hindered in this way.

When you begin to track users of consumption, you will notice that laptops are generally used for personal purposes, for a younger audience at the age of 15 to 25. It is used primarily for online activities and social networks. There are also business people who need the portability of a laptop for business or work on the fly.

While a desktop computer does not offer portability, offering the possibility of much more than the RAM of the laptop and have a faster processor and graphics cards. Desktop computer is generally used for businesses such as designers, financial consultants and developers of CAD. Many players also use the desktop at the same speed and capabilities of superior graphics and the mouse and keyboard differences. Another downfall of the laptop running on battery, so if you are not connected, limited to the life of the battery.

Many people buy desktop PCs due to its much lower price tag than a laptop. Price will certainly be a problem for most users, especially those who use computers only in things such as Internet browsing, social networking, e-mail and instant messaging. But we must also consider the introduction of Apple iPhone, the reduced price and functionality that users are more casual looking. It provides them access to, social networking on the Internet, e-mail as well as hundreds of new applications that can be added.

Finally, it is unlikely that the desktop is completely erased, unless, of course, the price of laptops is significantly reduced, and come with easy upgrade options, and may offer pre-packaged add-ons such as USB keyboards and mice. Companies are likely to always use the desktop, however, more than just looking to use their computers for browsing, social networking and email will probably be out of the desktop computer and iPhone or low-end laptop.

By alpha