Love Test – Is Your Relationship With Technology Ruining Your Love Life?

Do you jump to answer your cell phone, even when you are in the presence of real people?Do you feel closer to characters on TV shows than with real people in your life? Do you ever turn on the TV instead of finding solutions to issues in your real life?Would you rather surf the web and connect by email than meet people for a face-to-face chat? Are you developing close relationships on internet dating sites to feel less lonely?Do you feel desired when you hear the ding of a new text message?Do you stay in touch with people by phone and feel satisfied by your long-distance connections?Do you conduct meetings by conference calls and feel that you know, like and trust your clients or colleagues?Would you rather take a course online than waste your time on the distractions of a classroom? Have you forgotten the last time shared a meal with someone you care about?Do you spend more time with your laptop than you read to children on your lap?Do you feel fulfilled by many friendships on Twitter, Facebook and other social media?Do you proudly sum up your day in 140-character tweets?

How did you score?

If you answered NO to all or most of these questions, then you are the rare person who is engaged in real-life relationships.

If you answered YES to all or most of these questions, you may not be aware that technology is a block between you and real-life relationships.

If you feel content with and bonded to your techno contact, you may not realize that you need a wake up call to new action.


Your tech relationships can rob you of real intimacy with a romantic partner and real connection with family, friends, co-workers or other companions on your path in life.

Techno contact can make you feel important and fulfilled, but on fleeting, superficial levels.

Techno contact can devour your time, focus and energy so that you have little leftover to feed and form close personal connections.

The danger is that you don’t know what you are missing if you’ve never communicated freely, deeply and passionately in the presence of another person.

Would you like to find out what you are missing?

You can start by unplugging from all techno contact for 24 hours. This means no phone, email, TV, radio, internet or computer connections for one full day. You will use this day to reboot your life and find out who’s really part of it.


Find out what you love to do without any techno contact. Then do it.

Say a new motto for the day: Nothing is real until we ways to surround yourself with people you love or you would love to know better.

Find new challenges and joys in talking, walking and meeting in person; and in reading body language, in facing issues and figuring out solutions, in sharing meals and new ideas that are not announced by beeps or limited by 140 characters.

Think of it as making love with real life. Savor the sensory delights for a full day. Then find out if you want to break off your exclusive relationship with technology and create a multi-faceted, multi-sensory relationship with real life and the people who add real meaning when they touch your heart and mind as they touch your hand.

By alpha