Users often complain about wasteful and not durable phone (hp) batteries, especially when the battery leaks due to the wrong charging step. Intense cell phone use indirectly affects battery freshness.

You may understand that your phone battery drains quickly during use. There are several aspects that cause battery freshness to decrease. Among these are temperature, charger used and so on.

However, there are some tips that you can do to always maintain the quality of your cellphone’s battery power. Here are the tips:

Use your phone’s built-in power adapter

As much as possible, always use the default charger adapter from your phone to charge. Other adapters and chargers may charge slowly or not at all. They can also cause damage to your phone or battery, as quoted from the Google page.

Keep the phone temperature so that it is always cool

Avoid situations where your phone can get very hot, especially when your battery is fully charged. Your battery drains faster when it’s hot, especially when it’s not being used. This kind of discharge can cause damage to your battery.

Also, stay away from using the phone while it is charging. Otherwise, your phone might be very hot because it consumes excessive power.

Keep the battery level

Theoretically, it’s better to charge the phone battery when the indicator number is no less than 30 percent. If possible, charge your phone before the battery level will drop below 20 percent. This can help extend the life of your battery.

It is even recommended that the charging run over a very short range, eg from 30% to 70%. This method is said to be able to extend the time of using the battery effectively.

According to Huawei’s website, users are also advised to disconnect the charging cable after your phone is fully charged to avoid keeping it on a high battery level for a long time.

Users are also advised not to leave the phone uncharged for a long time. Otherwise, the battery may be depleted, resulting in potential charging abnormalities.

Remove the case while charging

If your phone uses a special case that can trap heat, it’s a good idea to remove the case while charging the phone. If you understand that your device gets hot while you charge it, remove it from the case first.
This is because charging the phone in a heat-trapping case can produce excess heat, which can affect battery life and capacity.

Enable low power mode

Enable low power consumption mode, because this step can save power consumption by reducing screen brightness, optimizing device performance, and minimizing system animations.

This mode includes causing features that work in the background to be disabled. Thus, applications including Mail cannot download content in the background, and other features can be disabled, as reported by Apple’s page.

However, you can still take advantage of key uses like making and receiving phone calls, emails, and messages, connecting to the Internet, and more. And while your phone is charging again, Low Power Mode can turn off automatically.

By alpha