Losing a cell phone is never a happy occasion, and all hope can seem lost to those unaware of the right avenues to follow when trying to retrieve such a small and discreet piece of expensive technology that would otherwise be seemingly impossible to find.

There really is no need to give up, as with the right phone tracking application, such as mSpy, you can very easily find your lost or stolen device, be it an Android-friendly smartphone, or an iPhone. All it takes is the following of a few simple steps.

How do you Track a Cell Phone?

With an application such as mSpy, you are guaranteed an unstoppable monitoring of a lost or stolen device, provided that you installed it on the relevant smartphone prior to it being lost or stolen.

While there are thieves specializing in the thieving and wiping of smartphones in order to ensure that they are no longer affected by monitoring software, the latest developments in tracking and monitoring software found in the leading applications such as mSpy ensure that you are able to continue monitoring and tracking your smartphone, regardless of whatever counter wiping or jailbreak software they may have.

An application such as mSpy will provide whichever device you are monitoring the relevant one from with a detailed map, which will provide the most accurate information regarding its whereabouts. This means that you can very easily pinpoint exactly where the lost or stolen phone is.

If your phone has been stolen, and is constantly on the move, then having a route history constantly fed back to you is essential. You will not only be able to know where the thief is at any given moment in time, you will also be able to tell where they have been, meaning that you can expertly track them down on a level akin to that of government intelligence agencies.

While GPS services will indeed be integral towards locating your stolen or lost phone, sometimes such services may indeed stop working due to data connectivity issues. For such a reason, mSpy will continue working even when GPS services are unavailable.

How can I track an Android Phone from my iPhone?

While many tracking applications will only work within the range of Android or iPhone exclusively, mSpy has been calibrated and programmed to be able to run across platforms. This provides an unlimited level of accessibility, meaning that you can easily track a lost or stolen Android smartphone from an iPhone.

This is an essential feature, seeing as within a family, each member may have a different type of phone, purchased from a different company. If you were not able to monitor and track smartphones across different platforms, such as service would largely be obsolete unless everyone in your family strictly used iPhone or Android smartphones.

You will be provided with a control panel, from which you can access all manner of vital communication and data-related activity which will be needed towards gathering enough evidence to track down your phone.

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