Traditionally, the term “market” refers to the place where buyers & sellers meet for exchange of goods & services. There are two major types of markets depending on the quantity of good being sold, a retail market and a wholesale market.

However, in the modern world, the term market has a more broader meaning. in this modern world therefore, a market is a set of potential or even actual buyers for services or even goods.
Marketing is however segmented into two main parts, the traditional marketing as well as digital marketing. In this article, we will discuss about these methods in details.

This refers to any kind of publicity or advertising used by companies or businesses for a longer period of time and which already has some rate of success proven.

traditionally, marketing has been defined as the process of making goods available for consumers to use from their point of production. the definition is mainly product oriented. In this definition the needs of the customers are not taken into consideration as it tends to focus more on the products which the producer can offer.

Most methods of traditional techniques include billboards, advertisements as well as newspaper advertisments. Other forms are television, commercials, radio -broadcasting advertising about the product or service of any company.

Since the technology is advancing in now-a-days, that demands the change in everything. Therefore, digital marketing is part of computerisation. In the past two centuries, there were no mobile computers or even computers leave alone internet connection. as a result of the growth of technology, mobile phones, as well as computers have been introduced in our lives and hence revolutionizing everything. After some more time, internet facilities got introduced, which bring about the digital revolution. some of the main examples of digital marketing include social media networks as well as websites.

02) DIGITAL MARKETING: Digital marketing is a broad term that refers the marketing through the online medium like search engines, websites, social media networks & emails. Digital marketing is sometimes also called the online or internet marketing.

These products can be marketed using the following strategies: Search engine marketing, search engine optimization as well as marketing through the social media. major reasons for the increasing use of digital marketing.

when compared to traditional methods, the digital methods are more cost effective.

this techniques are more cost effective that the others.

Tracking performance of the methods adopted is very easy.

the process is very reliable and therefore promises increased revenue.

5) Digital media facilitate the interaction with targeted audience.

However, there are various factors that affect the process of firm’s ability to develop & maintain the successful transaction & relationships with the target customers.

Finding Parallels Between Businesses and Life

Finding Parallels Between Businesses and Life

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