Reasons To Use Green Technology

There are many reasons to use green technology but I’m going to share a couple of really good ones that are becoming more and more important.

Firstly it is very important to get this clear. We are running out of oil. No right wing propaganda can deny something that is true. Perhaps they don’t want you to believe it but they have their own agenda and that is not my issue. It is the truth. The undeniable truth and there is nothing we can do about it. Oil is central to our way of life. Running out of it will mean that we have to make fundamental changes to the way we exist in the world.

Beginning the switch to green technology now will mean that the change will not be as painful or sudden. Make no mistake, the change will happen sooner or later. It is better to go with the flow than to fight it. Fighting an unstoppable force will not end well for you so you might as well make the smart choice and begin the change now. If you wait too long before taking up these new technologies then you will be the worst affected when the changes are made mandatory.

You will save money. That is what the advertisers like to tell us. This is true but not always in the way you think. It is very likely that in the future governments will begin to impose taxes on houses and products that don’t meet rigorous green regulations. Once these taxes are introduced, the demand for green products will go through the roof and at the same time the price of these products will go up. You can’t blame retailers and businesses for doing it. It’s exactly what I would do in the same circumstance but there is no reason you can’t be ahead of the curve and buy now. You will also neatly avoid the taxes that come in and force your friends who didn’t adopt the technology to pay more.

Sense of ownership. We all love buying stuff. It’s very cool to unpack your new product and show it off to your family and friends. Couple that with the fact that the product that you just bought is helping to save the environment and you’re on to a sure fire winner. What better way to celebrate capitalism by buying a cool new product and helping to save the world at the same time.

By alpha