Ronald Flynn Revolutionizes RP Waste Management

Famed humanitarian and environmentalist Ronald Flynn has chosen the Republic of the Philippines as the starting point of his comprehensive campaign against waste. The Philippines is a country blessed with a huge diversity in natural wonders and resources. Unfortunately, this blessing is being overshadowed by the fact that RP, like many other poor and developing countries is having difficulty managing its waste problems. The country has recently indulged in great technological advancements that had allowed its industries and its economy as a whole to keep up with the progression of the world economy. But the waste management system of the country was unable to keep up with the pace and was left out. This resulted to the pressing waste dilemma currently troubling the Philippines.

Ronald Flynn intends to revolutionize the waste management process of the Philippines with biosphere Technology. The said technology is the latest innovation in green technologies which utilizes advance gasification technologies to get rid of waste by turning it into usable energy. And it does so with very little pollutants generated in the process. The resulting energy in the form of electricity is also very efficient; so efficient that it is comparable with the efficiency of conventional energy sources being used today. Energy as a by-product will serve as yet another motivation of disposing waste using the said technology.

Ronald Flynn expects biosphere technology facilities to eliminate the need for landfills which are currently the county’s main form of waste management. This is because since the waste will be converted into energy, the space it was once occupying will be freed. The newly available space can be utilized for far better purposes. Elimination of the landfills will also eliminate the related risks such as soil and ground water contamination as well as the health dangers of people living close to the dumpsites. The related costs of the operation and maintenance of landfills will also be eliminated resulting to huge savings for the government.

Ronald Flynn has already won the grace of the Philippine National Government allowing him to present his waste management technology and apply it in the country. He has closed deals with different local governments to construct biosphere facilities in their respective regions. The first biosphere facility that is located in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga is already nearing completion and is about to enter the testing phase.

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