5 GAINS OF CONSTRUCTING DUPLEXES Architects often strive to come up with the best and varied duplex designs. This is because it is a major consideration for duplex builders who eventually put advertisements to the final buyers. If the duplex design floor plans are attractive, the duplex builders are likely to give them preference which ultimately influences the likings of the final buyers and the kind of home appliances to be accommodated. If the duplex designs and prices are affordable, prospective buyers will be able to afford and excite the general market. For shareholders value to be exploited, there must be a well thought out strategy before duplex building. So what are the benefits of building duplexes? Extra income It is possible to have two revenue streams with a duplex building because two different people can leave along each other with only a separated entrance. Financial burden is greatly reduced to the owner of the building due to double incomes.
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Economy on land use Since the design of the duplex is in such a way that two units are constructed above each other, it means a lot of savings is realized in land space. Instead of constructing one unit at a time, with the duplex design it means the same land mass can be optimized for a higher income.
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Secrecy Through duplex design, two family units leave in the same compound but having separate entrances.This helps in observing confidentiality of each other Incidences of crashing are well regulated with duplex design. safe keeping With duplex design safety for the dwellers is greatly enhanced because they can look up to each other in case of an attack Expenditures reduction When two dwellers stay in a common compound, there are costs that are generally shared like, garbage collection, security guard and electric lighting bills for a common area like gate or compounds. Ordinary these are standing costs that must be met whether a person leaves alone. However, with duplex, neighbour will comfortably share thereby reducing the costs by half. Another perspective is at the construction stage of the duplex, the costs are at a minimum because some utilities and common installations is possible. A good example is the construction of a gate, water and electric pipes. All these can be commonly done and simply separated at the common joint. With very attractive duplex designs by architects, family units may feel encouraged to leave together sighting the many advantages of staying I the same compound. Therefore, in addressing the scarce resources of land, duplex building should be promoted among family units. Mortgage facilities can be used as a bait in attracting people to consider leaving in duplex buildings. This has the general effect of increasing family ownership. With governments intervention through policies, family units may be encouraged to consider duplex housing model as a matter of choice.

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