Is your business already thinking to create a mobile app/android app? Now maybe it’s time to do it. Smartphone and Tablet users are almost everyone has it, business owners should be aware that the presence of mobile applications becomes a necessity.

Clutch, a B2B business research, and corporate review, nearly 25% of small businesses now have native apps. Survey results from Clutch show that almost half of the business plan is planning to create a mobile app in 2017.

Three years ago, a small business might lose 10% of their traffic from mobile users. softteco nearly 50% of its visitors come from mobile. but now almost all businesses are close to 70% of their visitors coming from mobile users.

So, here are three main reasons for business owners to create their mobile apps, in Indonesia a lot of vendors that provide services for making a Mobile app like Android apps one of them is Tech area.

Increase sales

55% of respondents Clutch respondents said their hybrid apps they created were designed to increase sales. With mobile apps can have features to speed up checkout of purchased goods, which indirectly will increase the number of sales. Mobile apps can offer a more convenient way to search for products and shopping, users can order from anywhere. Business owners can also notice that there are new products, new discounts or even events from the company.

Improve Customer Experience

An app can provide your business presence in their smartphone, offering easy access to information within their grasp. A mobile-friendly website and a mobile app are both valuable tools but have different goals. Mobile apps are a great way to get user retention and customer engagement on our business.

Compete on a more specific market

If small businesses want to compete with others in their markets, they have to adapt to this change and present a mobile app. Small business owners must be aware and understand how mobile applications can help their business to better. If the business owner does not have an IT team there are several vendors in Indonesia who offer services making mobile applications both Android and Others .Tech area An expert team in developing sustainable software.

By alpha