Types of Technology Reviews The first one is the introduction of personal computers. This includes desktop pc and laptop pcs. You find that primarily it has been used as a video game platform. These computers are designed with a unique hardware configuration that helps the users to load up and run video games in the on their systems. In additions to that, personal computers have a powerful main memory and graphic processing memory to produce best pictures. Not only that but they also have other support parts such as display monitor, keyboard, mouse which makes the playing of the games to be comfortable. Another benefit is that it comes it can be connected with big TV screens for better display. This can be done by the use of HDMI and VGA cables that your TV screen can support. With this personal computer has become one of the major gaming platforms. In addition to that they are also affordable making them accessible to many people. Secondly, we have video game console as a gaming platform. Video game console are gadgets that are majorly designed to play video games. Apart from that accompanied with output devices like the joystick and central unit that does all the processing work thus facilitates gaming. They are always connected to big TV screens since they don’t c This can be done come with their screens by the use of special cables. Apart from that, video game consoles are that they are portable and light making you able to carry them with you wherever you are going. Like we have Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 as some of the top video game consoles. Another technology review is the introduction of mobile gaming. You find that these games are majorly played on cell phones and handheld tablets. This mobile game is not found in all phones but specifically on the smart phones. Generally, most of this games are built for a specific operating system depending on the software they are made from. Mobile gaming is majorly used since smart phones are not that expensive making it affordable. As a result, mobile gaming has been greatly used. Android OS, Firefox OS, Windows OS and IOS for iPhone are some of the operating systems where mobile games are installed. Some mobile games can run on all operating systems according to how they are configured.
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Lastly, we have registry functionality. This a software that is responsible for removing unwanted files from PC which might interfere with its performance of your PC. This can be done by installing optimizer on your personal computers. You can then run it on a regular basis to remove unwanted files. The registry cleaner primarily helps in releasing the computer memory by removing unwanted files thus increasing the cleaner. Figuring Out Resources

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