The Field of Science Does More Than Reach For the Stars

The Field of Science Does More Than Reach For the Stars

As computer components get smaller and climate change concerns get bigger, employees with STEM degrees are reportedly in demand. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math – areas that satisfy our most basic curiosity and that can lead to fascinating and lucrative careers. Many online school classes and degree programs can help students more conveniently prepare for these careers with a science degree.

STEM careers extend well beyond mathematicians and scientists. Think of the advent of nanotechnology that allowed for creating iPods and computer memory sticks. Or, solar and wind energy alternatives designed to reduce pollution causing seas to rise more swiftly than anticipated. Even space exploration, an area few have had an opportunity to enjoy except for from afar. Planning, developing and maintaining products in these areas are among the careers a STEM degree can help online school graduates to land.

Online degrees in the STEM studies stretch far and wide. Engineers alone develop products, cost-effective solutions to technological problems, and handle testing, production and maintenance responsibilities, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Engineers also specialize in different areas. Degrees available when taking classes through a college online include areas such as computers, electronics, civil, industrial, mechanical, geological and environmental and water resources. Likewise, online schools offer degrees in information technology, or computers, as well as in health information technology, education technology and more.

The federal government has long been a proponent of STEM education. Some say that STEM careers can help boost the American economy and better enable the United States to compete with other countries. Many organizations are developing programs aimed at encouraging women and minorities particularly to take up STEM studies. And online degree programs, offered in part as a result of STEM degree holders, allow students to enjoy learning from the home or workplace or during travels.

Famous musicians and actors have reportedly majored in STEM subjects. Donald Sutherland is said to have earned a bachelor of arts in engineering, Art Garfunkel reportedly holds a bachelor of science in math and music, and Ashton Kutcher is believed to have majored in biochemical engineering. Subjects such as calculus can be seen in a more practical and, perhaps, more appreciated light when used to design and construct structures such as Seattle’s Space Needle, Australia’s Sydney Opera House and Valencia, Spain’s City of Arts and Sciences.

STEM degrees earned from an online school might also help provide job security. Even in a tight job market, the demand for engineers is rising three times the rate of other professions, and women particularly are in high demand in STEM fields, according to a report from the National Career Development Association.

The benefits of taking STEM classes through an online school extend beyond the job marketplace. Taking STEM courses through a college online can reportedly help with everyday issues such as checkbook balancing and decision making. The knowledge that comes with STEM subjects studied by those enrolled college online can be applied to other careers as well.