Can Excessive Sweating be Cured?

When you exercise or do strenuous activities, or when it extremely hot outdoors, the body tries to cool down by sweating. Meanwhile, the sympathetic nervous system is the one responsible for regulating the sweating function. A small number in the population find themselves sweating more excessively than normal.

The condition of excessive sweating is medically known as hyperhidrosis. This condition occur on many parts of the body, but the most common areas are the underarms, feet and palms. More often than not, hyperhidrosis bears a negative impact on the individual who suffers it. The effects may be social, psychological or occupational or a combination of all three. For instance, people with sweaty hands find handshakes embarrassing. They may also find it hard to drive vehicles. Furthermore, working with paper or metals is often times a struggle for them. On the other hand, people with sweaty feet also suffer from maceration of the toes or other infection. In short, simple task or enjoying other forms of recreation is extra challenging for people who have hyperhidrosis.

Scientists are still uncertain about what exactly causes hyperhidrosis but there are many ways to treat this condition. The most basic way of treating sweaty hands or sweaty feet is by the use of strong antiperspirant. Other methods include Botox injections and oral medication. In extreme cases, patients resort to surgery. Doctors often choose first the most non-invasive method to treat sweaty hands and feet. Moving on, if antiperspirants prove to be ineffective, doctors prescribe the use of tap water iontophoresis.
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Tap water iontophoresis utilizes a machine for sweaty hands. Through the iontophoresis machine, the sweaty hands or feet receives low amount of electrical signal. This is a very safe and very effective non-invasive method of treating hyperhidrosis.
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This treatment is proven by science as an effective cure for hyperhidrosis. This machines made especially for feet and palms that are very sweaty but it can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis on other body parts. The makers of this iontophoresis machine are confident that it will solve your problems in the safest and fastest way.

In most cases, patients see complete cessation of the problem after a couple of sessions, however there are those who can testify that results where instantaneous in just one session. The effects of each session can last up to a couple of months or, depending on the individual, it is good for a couple of days. The number of sessions and the interval between sessions or the frequency of the treatment will depend on the person as well. Now, you need not worry about your sweaty hands, underarms or feet because there is a safe and proven method for you. To learn more about this machine, click here.

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