(New South Wales, Australia) According to a recent study, 78% of people believe that learning a musical instrument, such as the piano, helps students perform better at school. Additionally, music majors the most likely group of college grads. While there are undeniable benefits offered by Piano Lessons, many still are unable acquire these because of the high cost and limited availability of knowledgeable instructors in the area.

In an effort to make it possible for more people to Learn Piano The ONE Smart Piano has launched an all new iOS and Android app along with a unique smart piano that allows users to learn piano anytime at home. Simply hook up the selected device, run the app and display it over the piano keyboard. The selected song lights up the keys to press for the song selected. Right now, users have access to video lessons, sheet music, and games.

“The ONE Smart Piano provides the most enriching and fun way to learn how to play piano without having a teacher,” stated company representative John. “We have combined the use of a full-sized piano along with a dedicated iOS and android app. With our tools in place, anyone can learn how to begin playing their very first piece within their first piano lesson. Our unique Piano Keyboard is fit with LED lights to show students what keys to press.”

There are countless studies solidifying the benefits offered when a person learns piano. For example, a study of 7,500 different university students revealed that the music majors scored highest in reading, in several majors, including math, chemistry, biology and English. Learning piano isn’t just good for academics. According to AMS Music News, during a period of musical euphoria, a person’s blood travels through their brain to locations where other stimuli produce certain feelings of joy and contentment and moves away from brain cells associated with fear and depression.

“We currently offer several piano options, including an acoustic piano, upright piano and light piano, along with other items, such as a piano bench and piano bag,” continued John. “Our accompanying app is free for both iOS and Android users.”

With the many benefits offered by learning piano, many people want to pursue this activity. With products and apps such as The ONE Smart Piano, this is not easier than ever before.


The ONE Smart Piano entered the Australian market in 2016 and currently has five stores opened in Melbourne and Sydney. The brand is also working to expand to other areas in Australia. Customers interested in learning more about the piano and app can visit the website or the company’s Facebook page.

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