The Printer Technology

The modern printer is actually split into a couple of different printing technologies, so you basically have the inkjet printer and the laser jet printer. The difference between these technologies is the way the printer delivers the ink to the paper and what type of jobs it is suitable for.

The laser jet is more suitable for graphics and detailed pictures because of the finer dots it can print. On the other hand, the inkjet printer is mostly used to print black text because it is cheaper and you can actually afford to print more pages than with the laser jet technology. So, it is more about what you need your printer to do than the technology you prefer.

There are also a couple of other printer technologies, but they are mainly used in the printing industry and I’m sure that we can’t actually use such printers at home because they are too expensive and they take up a lot of space.

The printer technology we use today in our home printers is being constantly improved, but there are some new technologies that are being developed for home use. One of the most interesting and promising ones is the Inkless printer that will use UV light to produce the best quality printing possible. The printer will require special paper to be able to print, but the costs will be drastically reduced and the quality will be almost at an industrial level. The printer itself will not require any kind of fill up, so you only spend money on the paper for it. The designers say that right now they can get a 20 dollar price for 100 sheets of A4 paper hat you can use with this printer. The price will be even lower once the technology is refined enough.

By alpha