The Samsung Galaxy S2 Fully Embraces Mobile Technology

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the latest handset from Samsung and is an update to the original Galaxy which hugely successful throughout last year. Samsung have done a great job with the handset making it incredibly lightweight and sleek while been one of the most powerful smartphones available on the market today. They have included a powerful dual core processor and gyroscopic accelerometer sensors to make the user experience smooth and enjoyable.

What really stands out about the design of the phone is how slim it is, pictures do not do it justice. It measures just 8.49mm in thickness making it the slimmest smartphone on the market today. The huge 4.3 inch super AMOLED+ touch screen is bright and dazzling and really sets the stage for the ultimate Android experience. Images and videos look crisp and sharp and it is easily one of the best displays I have seen on a mobile device, this even tops Apple’s much acclaimed Retina Display on the iPhone.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 features the usual bells and whistles that can be found on modern smartphones. The 8 megapixel camera includes a flash, instant touch focus, geo tagging and image stabilization, all of this works to produce fantastic looking images that are never blurred or out of focus. You can also use the camera to record full 1080P HD video which can then be instantly uploaded to YouTube or Facebook. The handset also has Bluetooth, GPS, 512MB of ram and supports a range of media formats including MP3 and MP4. You can also use the Galaxy S2 to connect to your home network and stream media files directly to the handset.

The processor has seen a major upgrade over the previous model. The original Galaxy was powered by a 1ghz hummingbird processor, however Samsung have included the 1.2ghz dual core Snapdragon processor with the S2. They have also upgraded the available amount of RAM and storage. The Galaxy S2 runs on the latest Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update and Samsung have made a commitment to push out Android updates as quickly as possible in the future which is something they have been pretty poor at in the past.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most anticipated mobile phones of the year, since it was announced the media have been in a frenzy and I’m sure Samsung have been loving the good press. It will be interesting to see how Samsung could possibly top this with their next phone; the Galaxy S2 fully embraces the most advanced mobile technology available today. If your currently looking for a new mobile phone I can strongly recommend the Galaxy S2, no other phone can even come close to matching the specifications at the moment. The only drawback with the phone is that you will need to charge the battery of a daily basis, this is common amongst modern smartphone’s so isn’t a major concern.

By alpha