With every passing year, the Indian summer heat is becoming more and more monstrous. The terrible heat from the sun that starts from early morning and goes on till late afternoon, the after-effects of the high temperature during the night with the stringing wind and boiling water from taps, all this just makes summers unbearable and sickening. Respite is important whether it be in the form of what we eat and drink or what we use to cool our homes. The air cooler is one of the most economical propositions today as the cooler price and its effectiveness are unmatched. With less consumption of electricity and much lesser initial investment, this one domestic appliance can help make the heat tolerable.

To run an air cooler, better known as the room coolers effectively, one needs to take care of the four following important points:-

  1. Maintaining of required water levels in the water tank is the most important factor. For an air cooler without water, the cooling pads will not be able to do their job properly as also there will be chances of the motor pump being burnt out. Also, cleaning the water tank and changing it regularly as stagnant water can be the causes of numerous diseases are two primary focus points. Adding ice to the water is a good way of better cooling but one needs to remember that the quantity of ice needs to be much lesser than the water. Some air coolers come with separate ice compartments to meet this purpose.
  2. Placing the air cooler or the desert cooler next to a window enhances its performance. The concerned window should also be kept open while the cooler is working to ensure proper circulation of air. Other windows and doors of the room should also be kept open from time to time for ventilation purpose. But to avoid heating up the room one needs to cover the opened window with drapes and also close the other windows during peak heat hours.
  3. Another way of effective air cooling is to have the cooling pads saturated before starting the air cooler. As the water tank fills up to a certain level, switch on the pump so that the distribution network can start wetting the pads. With complete saturation, when the fan is switched on the cooling will be instantaneous and better.
  4. An air cooler is a machine after all and machines demand timely and proper maintenance. Every year before starting to use the cooler, it is advisable to change the cooling pads because over a period of time (especially when they are not being used) they become store-house of dust and pollen. During use, brush the pads once a week or ten days to maintain cleanliness. The fan and the pump too need oiling and servicing once a year. Same with the pipes in the distribution system that needs once-a-year maintenance.

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By alpha