Top Technology Fiasco In 2012

We have reached the end of year 2012. It is good time to rewind the past and have a look at some of the technology launches that created hype. There have been several launches which had a critical impact on the human lives and some expected to be even better. However, some of the launches did not live up to the expectations. This article encompass a list of such fiasco happened in the year 2012.

Apple Maps: It was a complete mess and Apple’s top most software architect has to lose his job taking up the responsibility for its failure. Google maps were the default mapping system and Apple wanted to launch its home grown application. The maps missed perfection and accuracy. There were serious flaws in its design. Tim Cook issued an apology and requested the users to use maps of Google and Nokia.

Aakash Tablet 2.0: It had a big fan frenzy crowd when the launch was announced. IIT Rajasthan and Datawind, the manufacturer entered into a tussle over testing the features of the ultra cheap tablet. It further delayed the launch of tablet. It is now said that the first set of tablets will be delivered to the training teachers and not to the students. The product was originally intended to be given away to students. They have to wait for an extended period of time to get hands on experience. Government is not sure about its delivery date to students.

Facebook IPO: Mark Zuckerberg became a celebrity and everyone in this world was literally speaking about the Facebook IPO. The stock price was oversubscribed and created much hype. It was termed as the biggest technology firm IPO process in the history. The company over estimated its performances and had set the share prices. However, it had to shed over 30% of its prices after it got listed due to its lackluster performance.

IOS Malware Detected: Devices from Apple were said to be very safe from viruses and trojans. However, a trojan virus had affected the iOS systems which would aim to steal the user’s contacts. The reputation of Apple devices of being free from attacks is hurt.

NFC Technology: Near Field Communication technology promised to change the technology future in 2012. It was intended to use the smart phone devices to make mobile payments. Starbucks accepted this form of payment but most of the smart phone manufacturers failed to implement this technology in their devices.

iPhone 5: iPhone loyalists were very much enthusiastic about the launch of iPhone 5. After much hype, the phone was launched but failed to meet the expectations of the users. Most of the features were the same from its previous version and it just had the enhanced version of some of the software applications. Experts even argued that it will be a waste of money to buy the version 5 as almost every feature of it was available in the previous version.

By alpha