What Are Data Centres Made Up Of?

One of the most asked questions is what are data centres? Data centres are artificially environment controlled facilities that house computer systems, severs, large storage devices, backup power supplies, hi-tech data communication systems and security devices. They are used to provide a central place where businesses can store their information and host their sites. It is normally used as a central part where data communication can be monitored and websites can be hosted and online data stored. It does this by ensuring uninterrupted data traffic which is not affected by power blackouts and malfunctioned stations.

This is very important especially today when almost everything is done online through an endless number of websites. Business, money transfer, messaging, interaction and virtually everything is done online nowadays so there must be a reliable store and communication center that controls all this. That is why we have these centres. An organization can own its own center though it is very expensive to maintain one so many of them end up hiring other centres to host their sites and manage their information.

Their main function is to protect and maintain information belonging to a company. They do this by using the latest state of the art security systems so as to ensure that no one illegally accesses that information.

It is also responsible for the running and maintenance of the software applications that run the company. This ensures that the data stored is not lost or does not get corrupted since the application stores employee details, the financial records and virtually controls everything in the company. It also monitors user activities and transactions and keeps their records for future reference.

It is important for the company to know how the center works since it is a very vital part of the company. An efficient and economical one reduces the expenses that the company incurs therefore a properly running center increases the profit and value a company.

So the organization must invest a lot of resources to ensure that the hardware and software is up to date and that the security is sufficient. The cost of maintaining it might be viewed as being too much but that is not the case. This is because it would cost the company even more if its whole system failed as compared to what it costs to maintain it.

The center requires a lot of power to operate and cannot afford to go off at any time therefore the need for there to be power backup systems. The use of so much power leads to production of so much heat. So the center needs to be properly air conditioned to ensure that the heat does not destroy the whole system.

Finally they cannot operate without personnel. The company must employ computer and telecommunication experts who are trained on how to manage and operate such centres. The personnel offer 24 hour surveillance over the whole system to ensure that it operates in the best condition. So I guess that answers the question, what are data centres?

By alpha