What the Future Holds for IT Outsourcing

Globalization, a new generation in the workforce, weakened global economies – these are all trends that will become even more prominent in upcoming years, and all will have an impact on the IT world. How IT outsourcing firms and managed IT services respond to these trends is what can make or break their future success in the industry. IT outsourcing companies should prepare for dealing with the following trends in order to become more successful and stay on top of their game.


With globalization comes new risks. Though it has sparked the expansion of information technology outsourcing choices, globalization has also allowed for an increase in international IT outsourcing companies, especially in places such as Eastern Europe, North Africa and Latin America. These younger managed IT services could provide lower-quality services and therefore could potentially tarnish the hard-earned reputations of already well-established IT outsourcing companies. Businesses that provide managed IT services should assess and prepare for how these newer IT outsourcing companies will impact their business.

Eco-Friendly Managed IT Services

With the push for sustainable business practices these days, many companies will turn to information technology outsourcing services in order to help them go paperless. IT outsourcing companies can also electronically update all company information (manuals, presentations, etc.) on the internet. Gone are the days of thick manuals that use up thousands of pages of paper; slim tablets with touch screens are here to stay.

Customer Service and Interactions

The ways in which businesses serve and interact with consumers will continuously be affected by information technology outsourcing. Along with the regular modes of business-to-customer interactions (email, telephone, fax), IT outsourcing services can help businesses connect with customers through social networks, user-friendly video conferencing technologies and reliable web chats.

Benefiting from Economic Woes

The increase in managed IT services was directly contributed to by the global economic travesties because businesses preferred the lower cost of working with IT outsourcing companies rather than hiring new employees. It is due to these changes that companies had to switch up their business models and provided services in order to push their savings towards customers. It has been predicted that in 2012, 20 percent of businesses won’t have IT specialists on their payroll.

Pleasing Generation Y

The newest members to join 2011’s workforce are part of Generation Y (those born from 1982-2000). Businesses that want to continue capturing the intrigue and attention of Generation Y’s customers should consider using IT outsourcing companies. This is key for the growth of a company, as this generation has grown up with internet technologies, which makes them more tech-savvy consumers and workers. Internet technology outsourcing companies can help businesses build strong connections between customers and employees through cloud technologies, business analytics and mobile communications.

Cloud Strategies

Cloud strategies are going to be extremely important for businesses in the coming years. IT outsourcing companies have the cloud computing and related IT technology experts (and may even increase their numbers if in serious demand).

It is important for an IT outsourcing company to stay ahead of the game by being prepared and staying on top of these and upcoming trends in the ever-changing and evolving world of IT outsourcing.

By alpha