Who Uses Hydrogen Gas Savers?

It is far easier to make bold claims than to prove them. Snake oil salesman of many years ago had success in selling products with dubious benefits, on the strength of their charm. Claims about the remarkable benefits of hydrogen gas savers can be easy to dismiss as fantasy, so to demonstrate that there really is something going on here, we here provide these three real examples of the technology at work.

Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies Inc.

Publicly traded on the NASDAQ as “HYHY,” Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies Inc is a company which markets hydrogen fuel injection technology. The company, whose public face is its president Ira Lyons, is based in Pickering, Canada.

HHT and Mr. Lyons announced in September 2007 that the company had secured the rights to test hydrogen fuel enhancement for one of the US armed forces’ largest suppliers. Testing at the US Army testing facility in Yuma, Arizona has “shown fuel savings ranging upwards from 6.5%,” according to Mr. Lyons, and has “generated considerable excitement” in both manufacturers and the Army staff. HHT’s own press releases state that fuel economy gains can range from 10 to 30 percent.

Though the company currently markets its technology predominantly in the large vehicle market, it has announced plans to begin offering the technology for the car and light truck market; as of August 2008 it reports successful initial trials for this market.

HY-Drive Technologies LTD

A competitor of HHT, Hy-Drive Technologies is traded on the TXV Venture exchange as “HGS.” The company, based in Mississauga, Canada, reports 31 patents either issued or pending.

Studies by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab referenced by the company’s website show that “the addition of small quantities of gaseous hydrogen to the primary gasoline significantly reduces CO and NOx exhaust emissions while improving engine thermal efficiency.” Hy-Drive’s own press releases claim fuel efficiency improvements from 8 to 25 percent with horsepower improvements of up to 8 percent.

Ronn Motors Scorpion

The Scorpion is a car recently unveiled by Ronn Motors. It is nothing less than a sports car, which is also the first commercially available car to have hydrogen fuel enhancement technology standard. Capable of speeds up to 208 mph and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds, the Scorpion achieves fuel economy of 27 miles per gallon when the Hydrorunner is not in use and 40 mpg when it is active.


These three examples show hydrogen fuel enhancement technology (whether called a “gas saver” or “hydrogen fuel injection,” it is the same technology). The first example demonstrates not only interest in the technology by the US Army, but success in field testing, while the second example notes studies by an iconic American physics laboratory proving the science of the technology. Finally, we have brought to light an actual production car — a sports car, in fact — which happily uses gas saver technology to blow past other cars on the highway while achieving better mileage to boot.

By alpha