In this time of uncertainty and terror, security should be a top priority for everyone. Before, people installed one security camera and this was considered just enough. Today, one is the same as having no security at all.

Having in mind how far the technology has gone, it’s clear that a whole surveillance system is what every home needs. This is not a way to keep the burglars away anymore or catch them after they break in, but a system that keeps your overall security.

When we say this, we always kinda think about outside threats rather than anything else. Sometimes the threats come from the inside. Think about health issues, injuries, and accidents of other types. All these can be prevented or treated faster if there’s someone to alarm the authorities in time.

How a security camera can do this?

Today, whole surveillance systems are doing much more than filming what’s going on in the surroundings of your house. Today, the system is connected to the internet and is able to send and receive messages.

Providers of these systems, like this one here – – are installing a whole set of cameras and computers that are connected directly to your smartphone making it a tool that controls everything no matter where you are. You just need an internet connection.

Even if you don’t, they make them AI-supported which allows the system to recognize a threat and send an alarm to the official person or institution which will rush to the place and do what is needed.

If you’re still confused, let’s break this into pieces.

The main reason why people install cameras is thieves. Let’s say someone comes uninvited at your door. The monitoring gadget installed captures a gun in sight. It instantly calls the police.

Another example. A person falls down the stairs and there’s nobody at home. The system calls the medics instantly because it recognizes an unusual behavior from the person inside. Chances are big that after falling down the stairs you won’t be able to move nor call anyone for help. A fast reaction might save a life and if there’s no one to call at home, the surveillance you installed can make the save.

How about fire breaks out. Instead of doing unpopular solutions like sprinklers, you can get help from the firemen after the surveillance AI called them. You can save your house by installing a kit that will have a job to prevent both burglars and inside threads.

What is the downside for this?

There is no downside really. You need a room to store the equipment and a little time for the team to come and install everything for you. Understand that this is a complex system and it is pretty hard to it by yourself.

You’ll find a lot of DIY videos online that claim you’ll save a lot of money by doing it by yourself but professional installation is the best. Unless you’re a person who does this for a living, it’s always better to let the pros do their job.

When it comes to charges, there are lots of options and it doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on this. If you own a big house it’s understandable that you’ll need a bigger investment but necessarily. If you don’t like spending too much on this, you can only place the cameras on the places you’re most concerned about, or the rooms where the threat might be the biggest.


The criminal rate is going up every year. Statistics show that no matter how much you invest in security, there’s always a threat. We can’t destroy this as a social problem but every individual home can contribute to its own security.

When you’re investing in this, why not go a little further and help yourself and your family to feel safer? Get some of these surveillance systems and relax knowing that any time of the day someone watches over the well-being of your loved ones.

Surveillance has changed, no doubt, and it’s best if you can adapt this change. It’s for everyone’s good and it’s clear that if everyone do the best for itself, the crime rates will surely start dropping.

By alpha