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Information Regarding Reusable Menstrual Cups

Nowadays, there is a growing global awareness of how the lifestyle we lead is impacting the environment, and it is with this in mind that people are aspiring to change various aspects of their lives to reduce environmental degradation. The usage of menstrual cups (also known as reusable menstrual cups) is among some of the adjustments, especially women have made in order to preserve the environment. Furthermore, apart from these menstrual cups being eco-safe, they are also rather convenient when it comes to their usage.

Reusable Menstrual Cups

This cup is usually bell-shaped and is used to offer women sanitary protection when it comes to their menstrual periods. This washable or reusable menstrual cup is worn same as the sanitary napkin and tampon and is a great substitute for them. The reason it is a great alternative to the tampon is that the cup can hold the menstrual fluids thus preventing it from leaking unlike the tampons and sanitary pads which absorb these fluids.

Research has shown that reusable menstrual cups are capable of holding at least twice the amount an ordinary tampon would meaning that they can be used at least twice as long without having to be replaced. Therefore, for women with a highly active lifestyle like travelling a lot, participate in endurance sports such as marathons and triathlons, the reusable menstrual cup is a suitable alternative to the normal tampon.

Washable or reusable menstrual cups like DivaCup are manufactured from latex or latex-free hypoallergenic silicone that women with sensitive skin can use so as not to keep getting concerned about irritation. They also have a lifespan of between ten to fifteen years meaning and come in various sizes. Sizes vary from 40mm t 45mm when it comes to width, 46mm to 55mm when it comes to length and can hold fluid volumes of between 13ml to 30ml.

Women undergoing their menstruation periods can simply rinse and insert back the reusable menstrual cup in between their periods. However, it is also advised to boil the washable or reusable menstrual cup afterward in water to get it sanitized. Nowadays, some hypo-allergenic cleaning products are manufactured for washing these reusable menstrual cups and are an option women can opt for when it comes to washing them.

Finally, the DivaCup is the latest feminine menstrual hygiene solution available in the market today. It is produced from 100% medical grade silicone, and is the most reliable and comfortable alternative to tampons and pads. It is eco-friendly since it can be reused again and again for up to ten years. It is also ideal for women who engage in various intense activities such as sports, swimming, etc.

To learn more about menstrual cups like DivaCup, go to their site.

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