A Quick Guide to Website Development

With people leading such active online lives and making most of their purchases via the internet, creating a business website makes a lot of sense. Also, owing to the fierce competition websites have engaged themselves in, it is important to give website development considerable thought. Here are a few tips on how you can plan an attractive and high-quality website.

Importance of webpage title

Every webpage should have a title that closely matches the theme of the website. It is very important to word the title from the viewpoint of search engine rankings. Search engine spiders can easily track titles that are closely related to the keyword.

Title should be placed at the top of the page. The top of the home page is what visitors see upon entering the website and it must look attractive. The appeal and functionality of the website will decide the visitor’s next course of action.

Content in webpages

Quality and relevant content is one of the key elements of proper website development. Incorporating the right keywords in your content makes your website more search engine friendly.

It is equally important to present content which can easily be understood by any average reader. But at the same time, accuracy and proper description of the product should be kept in mind. Keeping a layman in mind, create content making sure that it is free of jargon or technical terms. It is important that visitors to your site find relevant information without being confused by the weight or complexity of content.

Use of images

A well designed website will have a balance between its text and images. Be careful to use images that complement the website, describing the relevant products and services.

You must bear in mind that an average visitor spends less than a minute on a webpage. So ensure that the webpage loads quickly. Cluttering the page with irrelevant images will slow down page loading. This can discourage visitors who could either be in a hurry or turn suspicious regarding any spyware.

Meta tags for the right search engine result

When viewers search for a specific keyword, they first see the title and description when the results are generated. This is why title and meta tags are important when it comes to search engine results. The use of right tags will generate more traffic.

Apt keywords and description tags are necessary for search engine spiders to track your website while they index the webpages. You can choose a descriptive phrase with appropriate words in the first 150 characters for the description tag. There are a number of online sources that can provide you with the exact HTML code for these tags.

Companies adopt standard methodologies, framework, modeling tools and languages for website development. There are a number of steps in the developmental process like gathering information, analyzing requirement and planning. Designing and developing the website, creating web content, website testing and delivery follow suit. It does not end there- your website should be updated with new information and tweaked to keep its search engine rankings at the top.

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