Tekken Yoshimitsu – The Ninja Master

Yoshimitsu is easily one of the most original and exciting characters in a fighting game ever. Tekken Yoshimitsu has a totally original set of moves that were first introduced in the original Tekken game way back in 1994.

He is also the only character in the game to have a weapon – a ‘light sabre’ style sword, that he can use to attack with from long range. Tekken Yoshimitsu uses the same fighting style of a Japanese ninja, with some extra and inventive moves thrown in, such as the many different spinning moves that he can do, that a ‘normal’ character wouldn’t. Note that when you use the spinning moves excessively, Yoshimitsu will eventually become dizzy and fall over, leaving him vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Despite being a robot, Tekken Yoshimitsu retains the Japanese sense of honour and nobility, and the desire to always do what is right and good. This can be seen throughout the series, where he tries to help out other characters, even if it means that he’ll sacrifice himself in the process. An example of this is when he sees Ganryu (a Sumo wrestler from Japan) acting against the Sumo’s code. Yoshimitsu takes it upon himself to fix this situation and to beat Ganryu, thus teaching him a lesson in the process.

Yoshimitsu is usually played by intermediate level characters, as he’s very easy to get into due to his low learning curve, but he also has a lot of depth in how he can be played, due to his range of combos, so he’s ideal for players looking for something a bit more than just the basic attacks. He has some great 10 hit combos that are really impressive to look at (especially the ‘Shark Attack’ combo).

By alpha