Bluetooth Stereo Headset – Advantages of Bluetooth Over IR Technology

With an electrical devices being designed and produced every day, the problem of how to connect all of these devices becomes ever more complicated. Traditionally, connections were always made using cables and wires but even with this simple method there were still many different connection methods available. Also, unsightly cables can get in the way, especially with devices like headphones. This means that wireless technology is best for such devices. A good example is the Bluetooth stereo headset.

Bluetooth was created as a solution to these connection challenges. To have a single standard, automatic and wireless protocol which could be employed in all devices will obviously simplify connection and allow users to get the most out of their products and devices.

Other than Bluetooth, the most widely used wireless connection method previously was infra red (IR). This low-cost option uses low frequency lights waves to transmit signals to another device. The system is also easy to create and very low in cost but it does have drawbacks.

The main drawback is that it is a one to one protocol. One device will be able to connect to one other device at any one time. For example think of a TV set and a remote control unit. Also the devices need to be in line of sight. This creates further drawbacks. If there are two devices on opposite ends of the room and people walking around in between them, this could cause interference and connection failure.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, works using signals through low-frequency radio. This can be received within a 20 m radius and does not require a line of sight. Also multiple devices can connect together – another clear advantage over IR.

Although there are still multiple uses for IR where that technology is more suitable (like the TV remote control), the use of IR in general device connectivity is now old technology and Bluetooth has firmly taken over. There were, of course, many devices for which it would have been impossible to connect with IR. Think about Bluetooth headsets. These would require the mobile phone to be pointed at the earpiece at all times during use. It wouldn’t have worked at all using IR technology and Bluetooth has freed up the ability to talk on the phone hands free.

By alpha