Onsite Data Backup Problems

As there are lots of ways to backup the data, lots of businesses are still using the conventional methods to store and backup their important data. The tape technology is a commonly used technique to store the data securely. Although, many improvements have been made in the tape technology, it still contains a few potential risks.

Following are some of the commonly raised issues with this conventional data backup system.

Management and Maintenance

In the Tape technology, the maintenance team will have tall commitments on their works. The entire process of tape backup system depends on the manual processes. It involves different the processes like inserting tapes, labeling the tapes, rotating the tapes, off-site tapes storage and searching the tapes for recovery. So, all these tasks require high amount of energy and time. This creates difficulties when you take full backups on weekly basis, which often have large volumes of data.

Human error

In big industries, usually an engineer will be appointed to administer the tape backup method. However, in small or mid-size companies, this work might be shared between staff that lack in the experience and motivation that this process requires. Moreover, sharing this task among less-qualified employees can give rise to chaos while recovering and restoring the vanished data. Sometimes, the mishap can take place with the tapes, or they can be broken or even lost. This can create a number of security problems.


The cost of onsite backup process can exponentially increase especially for the businesses that are continuously growing. It as well requires a constant hardware investment and the cost of assigning full-time engineers to handle this process can soon increase.

Access to data

Once the data backup process completes, the tape is normally transported and stored to the safe off-site place. This entire process should be done close by, as it can create a problem when you go to access data for recovery purposes. This could be a real big problem for the businesses that need the data to be recovered immediately.


Your increasing business essentially requires the high data volumes to be stored from time to time. So, the tape libraries for tape backup systems must be upgraded frequently to manage the rising quantity of data. This could be a pricey and time consuming work, especially because of hardware requirements and the extra manpower required to run it.

Damage and loss of data

Whilst many of the businesses stock up the data at the off-site locations, some of them will hold it onsite. Now, in such conditions any physical disasters can take place onsite, like fire, theft or water damage. This will wipe out all data records right away. In addition, if the tape becomes old or unusable for long time, it can break or become unreadable and useless.

Today, lots of businesses storing their important data backups offsite, as the potential risk is more with the onsite data backup process. If you want even more affordable and reliable solution, then online backup service could be a great choice.

By alpha