The best SEO companies in Chicago can introduce your company to new SEO strategies and techniques that can point your business in the right direction. Ranking high on search engine results pages isn’t as easy as throwing a few relevant keywords into some content. There is much more to the process than utilizing one area of search engine optimization. The best SEO companies in Chicago can help you create a plan of action to increase your rankings while avoiding common mistakes. Consider the most common search engine optimization mistakes to make sure you are not wasting your time with an SEO company.

●      Focusing on Irrelevant Content

●      Failing to Learn the Basics of Backlinking

●      Forgetting the Value of Fresh Content

●      Website Overloading

Focusing on Irrelevant Content

One of the number one mistakes that a business or SEO company can make is not to focus on content that is relevant. Web users who are searching for relevant content about deep sea fishing won’t find any value in reading content about hikes in Miami. Slapping any type of content on your site is a huge mistake that can cost you valuable organic traffic. To catch the attention of web users and to keep them coming back, you need to focus on niche and industry-specific content that is informative and helpful. Many web users are searching for information, whether that information is about a specific topic or a specific product. The key is to ensure the web user gets the content they find relevant from your site.

Failing to learn the Basics of Backlinking

Backlinking is a vital tool in the world of search engine optimization that the best SEO companies in Chicago will utilize on your behalf. You should avoid any company that doesn’t appear to understand the basics of backlinking, as backlinking can be very beneficial in boosting your search engine rankings. Outside mentions from domains that are relevant and credible can boost the credibility of your site, which can be hard to accomplish any other way. Naturally acquired backlinks are the best option to build trust with web users and to gain organic traffic.

Forgetting the Value of Fresh Content

The importance of fresh content cannot be stressed enough. The same boring content isn’t going to generate repeat traffic to your site. A top Chicago SEO company will help you develop new content that is relevant to your industry or niche. Fresh content is a sign to consumers that you are an active business that can be trusted. Sharing fresh content through outlets like social media can also help increase the measure of your engagement with search engines. Not only should you use fresh and relevant content, but the content should be keyword optimized to bring in relevant traffic.

Website Overloading

Sometimes less can be more. In the world of online page speed, less is definitely more. You want to provide plenty of media on your site, but you don’t want to bog it down with too much media. Poor load times can have a dramatic effect on your overall search engine rankings.

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