Being in the age of start-ups, the world is currently seeing a huge rise in a small and medium-sized business. One of the common characteristics of these businesses is that all of them are online. To make sure that they continue to thrive, and increase their visibility across the web, they need to the best tech infrastructure, which includes a cutting-edge hosting system. However, the best things always come for a premium price. And yet, every business cannot opt for expensive solutions like private cloud, nor can they risk their site on a public environment.

Hence, site owners today need a solution that can bring them both in some way. This is where the Hybrid cloud comes to rescue.

It runs across two data centres, where the data is transmitted between each other, via an encrypted connection. With the security level of a private cloud and optimized resources of a public cloud, the Hybrid architecture is perfect for small and medium businesses.

Let’s look at a few more reasons.

Data Security

Just because you are a small-scale business doesn’t mean you don’t need data security. Even if you want to keep the safety level at its best, you also have the challenge of necessary resources as well as the budget. Hybrid cloud easily handles such situations by offering end-to-end security, making your data management and retrieval a breeze.

Resource flexibility

The flexibility of resources is one of the best features of Cloud Hosting. And hybrid harnesses this power by allowing you to choose and move around your data across both its private and public environments. You can decide how much you want to keep and where depending on its importance. This is a great solution when you have too much or too sensitive data, but you cannot afford dedicated hosting.


It’s no surprise that cost is often a major challenge for small businesses, and sometimes, for medium businesses as well. Most often than not, site owners end up opting for public cloud or shared hosting, just to save the costs. But you don’t have to. Hybrid cloud can manage every server asset in the most reasonable budget, like no other. For instance, if your site suddenly has a traffic spike, you can move it to the public platform, where it will be cheaper to manage, while your data keeps running on the private platform and stays secure.

Summing up…

Small and medium businesses are redefining and reshaping the economy today, and they need to have the best possible resources to grow and expand. With a hybrid cloud, you can do efficient data management, scale resources, and do much more, at your convenience and ease. But before you sign up with a Cloud service provider or a Cloud Hosting provider for your business assets, check what they are offering and how it can benefit you.

By alpha