Features of Pfaff Sewing Machines

Pfaff sewing machines are one of the most sought after and popular and trusted brands on the market as the company has been around for over a hundred years. The brand Pfaff is durable and offers the latest technology when it comes to machines. This is a machine that will last for many years to come. Besides the machine here are also many different accessories and extra attachments which one can purchase along with the machine.

Pfaff sewing machines come with a warranty and perks such as free lessons or a free sewing kit and bonus coupons which can use towards buying supplies and accessories at discounted prices. To get the very best out of your Pfaff machine you can go online and sign up and the Pfaff manufacturers will keep you updated on the latest technology and new releases and also update you on their promotions and this includes bonus savings coupons as well.

One can also attend advanced workshops, webinars, embroidery, quilting and many other specialized sewing classes. This is to help inspire Pfaff owners to make full use of their sewing machines. The most advanced and the most popular is the Creative Vision as this machine is capable of doing everything you have ever dreamed of unlike most other sewing machines and Pfaff is also well known for its simplicity.

Then there is the Pfaff Creative Vision 2170 which is loaded with additional functions and is a seamstresses dream as one can create embroidery patterns, as well as make any type of quilt as well as sew heavy duty fabrics like leather and denim and the machine has an endless hoop as well as a grand hoop. These machines come with a coloured LCD screen which helps make the designs larger as well as in color and one can make any adjustments needed on the screen.

Pfaff machines allow you to combine different stitch functions as well as styles and you can also add fonts as well as reshape and resize your designs by pressing a button. This machine has a positioning mechanism which allows you to create as many patterns as you need as you don’t need to use templates or copy any designs.

Does this machine sound like the sewing machine you have been looking for well go online and browse through the selection of Pfaff sewing machines and at the same time take note of all the additional features offered as well as compare prices.

By alpha