Introducing the Samsung Wave 2

Even though the name of the Samsung Wave 2 sounds as if it is an upgrade to the original Wave, it is actually more modest than the original smartphone. Samsung is capitalizing on a huge portion of the market – young adults and students that comprise a huge portion of the social media networkers but cannot afford the bells and whistles of the HTC Desire or iPhone. To achieve this, Samsung has delivered an impressive, yet humbled version of the original Wave.

One huge bonus of the Samsung Wave 2 is the provided keypad that slides out for easy use. Smartphones with touch screens have grown in popularity over the past several years, and they offer the user the opportunity to have a larger screen on the phone while also reducing the overall size of the phone with the elimination of a keypad. Despite this benefit, typing long messages and emails on a smartphone’s touchscreen can be difficult and time-consuming. The keyboard on the Samsung Wave 2 is large enough to type comfortably without making the phone excessively large or bulky.

With this phone, Samsung offers a Bada operating system that provides full access to many new applications for the phone. Although Samsung does not off a range of apps as far reaching as the iPhone, there are many apps available to enhance the user experience. Available apps include GPS related applications as well as a number of different apps designed to meet every user need in the Samsung App Store. In addition, the Samsung Wave 2 offers a host of other features. The internal memory can be expanded to 16 GB, and it comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack as well as an mp3 playback feature. You will be able to use the Samsung Wave 2 as an mp3 player wherever you go.

The Bada social hub allows you to access all of your social networking and communication tools right from one central location. You can access your email, Twitter, Myspace or Facebook with ease. In addition, the built-in keypad lets you type messages and notes with no difficulty. If you are looking for a smartphone designed to meet all of your social networking needs, the Samsung Wave 2 was made just for you.

The Samsung Wave 2 is the perfect phone not just for teenagers and college students, but it is also great for anyone who wants a good looking and inexpensive phone. The Samsung Wave 2 has an integrated camera, Samsung applications to make your life easier to manage and has expandable memory to make your music listening more pleasurable. It has everything you need in a smartphone but comes at a fraction of the cost of an HTC Desire or an Apple iPhone.

By alpha