There is no denying the fact that our lives are dependent on gadgets these days. All our important stuff is on hard drives and memory sticks of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If we lose our phone today, it is like losing the entire contact list, pictures, videos etc.

If you lose your device, you can’t really do much unless you have a back-up on the cloud or on external drives. But, often it happens that the device is very much with you, but the data on it vanishes due to a virus or malware attack, or you deleted it accidentally or your system crashed rendering the hard drive useless. Whatever the reason is, the reality is that all your important data is lost.

Fortunately, today we have software like FILERECOVERY Enterprise that can help you recover your lost files and folders. Let’s see how the data recovery software works.

Working of Data Recovery Software

When any data is deleted,it automatically goes to the recycle bin. So, if you have accidentally deleted something, you can access it from there. The problem comes if you have already emptied the recycle bin also because then the file becomes far less accessible. The file is not visible, but it still exists on the system somewhere. It’s only that the path to access that file is removed and the system marks that space as available for other files.

We can understand the basics behind the working of any file recovery software in this manner too. Systems only understand binary codes, which are 0 and 1. If we consider hard disk as a book, then blocks of this disk will be the pages of the book and whatever data is stored on these blocks is the text contained in the book.

Depending upon whether a page is empty or occupied, it is flagged as 0 or 1. The free space on the drive is the sum of the block sizes, which are marked 0 or empty. When a file is deleted, that area is marked as 0 by the system and is counted as available and the original file is no longer ‘accessible’. However, the deleted file still exists in that space, but its existence no more matters to the system.

The data recovery software combs through the hard drive looking for the pages that are marked with 0’s in order to locate the recoverable data.It is also possible that the part of your deleted stuff can stay on the hard drive for years, while some of it can be overwritten by other stuff within hours. If you keep working on the same system, that space can be taken by some other file and in this case you cannot retrieve the deleted data.

Professional data recovery tools help in recovering the lost data completely as it is designed that way. It scours the drive to locate all the lost and recoverable data and then piece it back together in a salvageable format. The data recovery applications often provide you with a preview of the recovered files, easy file restoration, filtered results, and additional tools that help in file recovery.

The file recovery software can be used to resurrect files of varying size and type right from music, pictures, and videos to spreadsheets and documents. Using a good data recovery software, you can locate and restore your emails, both executable and compressed files. The best ones can even recover a complete drive and partition on your system.

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