How Technology Revolutionized the Restaurant Industry

Technology continues to touch and simplify every aspect of our lives, as it always has, but with the emergence of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, dining and discovering new restaurants to dine on has never been so easier.

Restaurant Reservations

In the past, if you want to reserve a table at a restaurant, the only option was to call the restaurant a couple of days before your desired dining time. Contacting the restaurant through phone can really be time consuming, and sometimes nerve wracking depending on how exclusive the restaurant is. But these days, thanks to technology, you can now make reservations online. Most restaurants have websites wherein you can make a reservation.

Restaurant Reviews

In the past, restaurant dining was a trial and error experience. You wouldn’t have an idea if the food is good or if the service is a disaster. But in this age where everyone can be an online critic, ratings and reviews have never been more important, especially to restaurateurs. Food blogs and websites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor offer reviews from diners which can significantly affect a restaurant’s reputation and bookings.

Also, in the past, it was just our family and friends who have a huge influence on our day to day decisions, which includes where we dine. But these days, anyone’s opinion on something can affect and influence us, thanks to social media. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are very powerful when it comes to relaying information and is why restaurants should never underestimate what effect a recommendation or a bad review can have.

Restaurant Apps

In the past, if for example, you want to order pizza or whatever, then you’ll have to call the restaurant and give them your order. These days, you can ditch the phone and just order online. You can even hook up your account to your credit card so that you don’t have to pay in cash once the delivery guy shows up in your front door.

Restaurant Coupons

These days, more and more restaurants are using digital coupons to attract more customers. Digital coupons are better than paper coupons because it has a wider reach.

Restaurants continue to utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. It just goes to show that no matter how big or small a restaurant is, it is very difficult to compete without using technology to some degree.

By alpha