Tap Water As Fuel – Water Car – Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer’s Water Car has been the subject of conspiracy theories and dispute for years. Proponents trust that Stanley Meyer’s Water Car is an everlasting motion machine. Critics have called the Stan Meyer’s water car a fraud and a deception. The high voltage, high frequency HHO generator (oxyhydrogen machine) supposedly generates more power that it consumes via electrolysis. Applying for international patents, Stan Meyer was able to get patents in Japan and part of Europe.

Meyer presented a water-powered dune buggy in 1990 to the unbelieving media. In 1996, the Ohio civil courts found Meyer’s water car to be “gross and egregious fraudulence” and commanded him to compensate investors $25,000 out of more than $60,000 accumulated from people wanting to buy into the water fuel cell car dealerships.

It should be noted that Stanley Meyer had no engineering education so his circuits and descriptions were beyond of convention, which added unbelief from the scientific community. Indeed, Stanley Meyer never graduated from college, which casts more doubt on the water fuel cell car, as he called it.

On March 21, 1998 Stanley Meyer cease to exist at a Ohio cafeteria and the cause of demise established by the regional coroner was a marrow aneurysm. Nevertheless, it was learned that Stan Meyer ran out of the cafeteria claiming he was poisoned shortly before his demise.

Thus, was Stanley Meyer’s Water Car a trick? Most definitely. Was his paranoia and conspiracy theories justify? There is a great probability both of these concepts are genuine and are not mutually exclusive.

The supporters of Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell point to the conspiracy theories that his device was not hoax or a fraud, but rather true. What is more probably, however is that there was concerned from powerful people who had a much to loose if the Stan Meyer Water Car was veritable.

Two stuff come to intelligence in regard to the paranoia over conspiracy theories in regard to new machinery that will shortens radically the need for oil. First, is that much Hho generator engineers have within the last couple of years reported molestation and themselves have taken arrangements to secure as much anonymity as possible.

Second, and I do not want to muss hydrogen cars with Hho alternator for diesel or gasoline powered vehicles, but there was an incident reported by Roger Billing that is believable. Billings helped develop a hydrogen-powered bus that was housed in Riverside and inform sabotage of his technology, which had to be taken back to his facility in Utah and additional security posted once the technology was delivered back to Riverside, California.

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