The Difficulty Of Living With Asthma – Is There A Way To Make It Easier?

Asthma is very difficult condition to live with and no one really doubts that or disputes that either. Imagine your enjoying your beautiful day and playing soccer with you children. The all of a sudden you are just struck with this heavy feeling in your chest and suddenly you feel like you can not breathe at all. This is very similar to the feeling of a fish out of water story where you literally can not breathe. This can be devastating and very difficult situation because what essentially happens is that you are cut off from many of the your favorite activities that would improve your overall life and enjoyment of life. The problem here is the fact that these asthma sufferers really do not know when they are not getting enough oxygen which at that point its when they can actually get an asthma attack.

The use of a pulse oximeter may actually help to make it easier for these individuals to enjoy their lives. A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that has been touted by asthma sufferers as a true innovation in oxygen level monitoring of the body. The individual simply places their finger inside the oximeter device and within seconds they actually get a reading of the pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation levels. It is this blood oxygen saturation levels that is the oxygen levels in the body and that is critically important for these individuals. Based on that reading they are able to determine whether they need to sit down or they can continue working or enjoying whatever activity that they are engaged in. The device is highly mobile and what that means is that it can be taken with the individual wherever they want to go to monitor their oxygen levels.

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