The Advantages and Disadvantages of Blu-Ray

Anyone can argue that Blu-ray is more or less the same with DVD considering that both equipments have the same look, the disks they use look more or less the same and additionally they have more or less the same disc menus. So if that is the case then, why should you pay more to buy a Blu-ray player? Well the answer lies within this article.

Advantages of Blu-ray

Superior Image Analysis: What gives Blu-ray a significant step ahead of DVD is the higher resolution ability it has which consequently can give the viewer an image with more detail. In terms of resolution, Blu-ray can go up to an analysis of 1,920×1,080 pixels with DVD giving you a maximum analysis of 720×480 pixels. Apart from the higher resolution Blu-ray also utilizes different video-compression methods meaning that it can give you higher contrast and fuller colours.

Greater Sound Quality: If you enjoy sound and you like to be listening to things the exact way they were meant to be heard according to the director and the sound engineers of a movie then Blu-ray technology is for you. This technology uses advanced high-analysis soundtrack formats (i.e. Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio) which make the sound exactly the same to the studio master.

Extra Characteristics: Blu-ray comes with certain features that DVD does not offer. More specifically it offers you that ability to enter the menu functions while watching the movie through a special pop-up menu. Moreover you can watch picture-in-picture.

Blu-ray Drawbacks

Price: It has a higher price due to its greater capabilities. Although this is going to drop as time goes by and more blu-ray players are manufactured and sold.

Fewer Titles: You can find a greater collection of DVD titles than Blu-ray titles.

Do I need to get rid of my existing DVD collection?

You should not throw away your DVD collection the same way you possibly did with your VHS cassettes when DVD technology appeared. Blu-ray supports standard DVD format allowing you to keep your current DVD collection.

If up to know you had been wondering what makes Blu-ray so special and if you should change your DVD technology, now you know the main differences and you are ready to chose if you want to make the move or not.

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